I have been a stamp-collector since childhood, and like most collectors,  – I collected all kinds of stamps.


I become a member of Fredrikstad Filatelistklubb medio 1966, and started a junior section  by the end of the 1960-ties.

Already in my teenages I concentrated to collect Norway, and over the years  start specializing and became fascinated by the socalled 20 mm, - the 1886 – 1893 –edition of Norway , with a great number of plates, types, watermarks, colours, flaws, etc.

In recent time I built up  a posthistorical collection  of stamps, cancellations and postcards from the Hvaler archipelago, a small community outside Fredrikstad. The diversity was significant  with approx. 100 different postmarks in ~100 years. A special catalogue ( by me ) of these postmarks is still available:

" HVALØERNE - Anvendte poststempler 1855-1990 ", with illustrations of all known postmarks. 13 pages, - price 10 €uro + postage

(order mykosof@online.no

  Today I am interested in,  and collect the following :

·       Marie and Pierre Curie and her family

·       Mushrooms on stamps

·       Minerals on stamps

·       Canada, incl.prephilately and states

·       Corrientes

·       Buenos Aires

·       Letters of France before 1800