In 2016 I started  to go in to my family roots and ancestry.
Unfortunaly I consulted my elder family members to late, while they were still alive  and missed a number of important data. However, thanks to my cousin Ragnar, who is the son of my mother's only brother, I got a flying start as he begun with family search > 15 years ago, and he allowed me to copy all his informations he had assembled over many years.

Shortly, I grew up in a silent place at the island Kråkerøy, close to the sea, outside the town Fredrikstad, in the county of Østfold, situated some 100 km southeast of Oslo I had a very rich and nice childhood, and all my four grandparents were alive and did not past away before i was about 20 years of age. As a child I also had three of my great grandparents alive 

Unfortunately, my father died of cancer at only 42 years old, which was a chock to all of us.

I have a younger brother (born 1950), three children and three grand. children.

One of the brothers of my great grandmother, on my mothers side, emigrated to USA in 1904, and today I have contact with the family members there, most of them lives close to Boston.

 Today, I have managed to return to family-roots to the end of the 1500 century on both my mother and father sides. And it seems all are born and rised up in the county of Østfold, but with a migration from the north to the southern part of the county to the surroundings of Fredrikstad (established 1567) mainly to get work as farmers, or at brickwork or sawmilla.

 Still much work remain and actually you never get finished.

To be continued.........