Founder and editor of the semiprofessional  mycological  journal AGARICA, - published by the Mycological society of Fredrikstad, Norway  , 1980 – 1998 , - and to be continued in  new version 2006, consult : 

Attended the Nordic Mycological Congress in Østersund, Sweden 1980

Organizer and guide for  excursions in Fredrikstad during the occasion of the 9th Congress for European Mycologists  1985 (CEM).

Attended the post-congress excursions at Kongsvoll Botanical station, Dovre, during 9th CEM  1985

Excursion guide for Stockholms Svampvenner in Fredrikstad 1994

 Attended the International Mycological Congress , IMC7, in Oslo 2002. (ADD PHOTOS !)

 Post-excursion for a group of Ph.D.students from Harvard University, under  the supervision of  Prof. Don Pfister, during the  IMC 7,  - the International  Mycological Congress in Oslo 2002 (ADD PHOTOS )

Creator of the first International symposium on the mineralogy and geochemistry of Scandium 2003, organized by the University  of Oslo, Geological Museum. (PHOTOS !!)

Member of the editorial board  in AGARICA (2006-2008) - a Norwegian Mycological journal published by Agariplantus norvegicus.

Munich mineral show, Germany  2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014.

Attended in 33.Internationa geological congress 2008 in Oslo

Tucson mineral show 2009 and awarded the Pinch-medal  (Arizona, USA)

Attending the Nordic mycological congress in Steinkjer 2009

Attending the International mineralogical association in Budapest, Ungarn 2010

Tucson mineral show 2011. Pinch medal to Alf Olav Larsen, Norway

Mycological excursion to the Pasvikdalen in Finmark, N.Norway 2011.

Visit to mineral-collector Bill Lechner, Toronto, Canada 2012

Visit to Canadian museum of Nature, Ottawa, Canada (Joel Grice etc.)2012

Visit to Pich-winner Laszlo Horvath, Montreal, Canada 2012

Attending the Rochester mineral symposium 2012, USA

Visit to mineral-collector Bill Pinch in Rochester, NY, USA

Visit to Royal Ontario museum, Toronto, Canada (Tony Steede)

Attending the 7th assembly of Mineralogy & Museums, Dresden, Germany

New visit to Bill Pinch.

Truffle symposium in Fredrikstad fall 2012

  Attending the GAC-MAC meeting in  Winnipeg, Canada May 2013

  Visit to Petr  Černý, in his home in Winnipeg, May 2013

  Visit to Mark Cooper, Dept. of Geological Sciences, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada in May 2013

  Visit to Fersman Mineralogical museum, Moscow, Russia October 2013 and the Vernadsky State Geological museum, Moscow.



        Member of the Mycological Society of Fredrikstad, Norway 

        Member of Fredrikstad Philately Club 

        Member of the Norwegian Numismatic Society 

       Member of the Mineralogical Association of Canada

       Member of GMV (Friends of Geological Museum, Oslo)

Member of  FMBDS (Federation Mycologique et Botanique  Dauphiné Savoie, France)




1977 University of Copenhagen: Nye og ubeskrevne mineraler fra Norge(new or undescribed minerals from Norway)  

Kongsberg Mineral Symposium


1997:  Thortveititt Sc2Si2O7 - et historisk tilbakeblikk og dagens status
1998 Høydalen Li-pegmatitt, Tørdal, Telemark
1999: Beryllium-mineraler i Norge
2000: Mineralogy and geochemistry of the Heftetjern granite pegmatite, Tørdal: a progress report with Gunnar Raade)
2005: Milarittgruppens mineraler i Norge
2006: Klassiske pegmatittforekomster i Hvaler og Kråkerøy, Østfold.
2007 Sekundære uranmineraler i Norge
2009:  A unique assemblage of Scandium-bearing minerals from the Heftetjern-  pegmatite, Tørdal, south Norway
2012: Almgjotheii – en sjelden borosilikatpegmatitt i Rogaland.
University of Oslo. Vintersopptreff  1993: Koprofile discomyceter
1995: Vårbegersopper
2009:   Status og oversikt over operkulate discomyceter i Norge.
Norsk Soppforening årsmøte Våren 2013: Vårbegersopper i vid betydning


"Beryllium-mineraler i Norge"
in Halden geologiforening
in Sarpsborg geologiforening
in Fredrikstad geologiforening
in Moss Mineralmesse
Historien om kristiansenitt
in Halden geologiforening
om Herrebøkasa
Halden Geologiforening 30 års jubileum 2008
Østfold – et pegmatitisk rike
Østfold geologi-foreninger) 2008
Om Pinch-medaljen 2009
Halden geologiforening
Verdens fremste mineralsamlere
Halden geologiforening 2012
" Når forbilder blir en kilde til ens utvikling
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Kråkerøy Lions
Vestre Onsøy Lions
Old Boys på Kråkerøy Stadion
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